Working with us



We are a P&L trading desk. Those who do best, love to study trading. Top traders continually seek to grow as traders, no matter how successful.

We are a group of people who embody the united spirit of our Team Adventure. While you are working your hardest on opportunities that will define your career, Coin Mart makes sure your environment provides for you. provides you with an awesome opportunity for self development by engaging you in highly advanced tasks.We are always looking for the right talent to support our team.

We have studied the top traders on our desk and look to hire those who remind us of our top traders.

In full transparency, we receive thousands of resumes for a handful of seats on our desk. Working at our firm is very competitive. If you want to learn and train to become a professional trader, and believe you can become the next great firm trader, we would love to meet you.


Strive to provide profitability by combining the best available expertise and resources that will enable us compete efficiently in the world of finance.

Tailoring our investment plans to meet the investment needs of both the high stakers and low earners alike. as an investment project doesn't operate like the banking system nor HYIP. Funds deposited are allocated to different sectors of the company's Investment strategy.


A safe and user-friendly experience – for anyone.

To create a sustainable investment project that is profitable for all and liberate the world financially.

Centralized exchanges sacrifice security to achieve affordability. Keeping this in mind we gear towards creating a safe yet user-friendly ecosystem

We take the security of our customers' accounts seriously. We employ strong browser encryption, secure data storage, and more. For details, read about our Security Practices.